Our Story

The 3U DYNAMICS team in terms of sales and marketing has been through a lot. The company, though a new company, has many years of cross-industry experience and extensive know-how. We know how to cope with crises, starts from scratch, or to deal with stagnation. How do we know?

For years we have worked for the 3U Group and hence for companies of different sectors. And quite successfully. Combining all the groups when they operate in marketing and distribution resources, we were instrumental in the strong performance of the 3U Group in all segments, especially telecommunications and broadband / IP.

In these years we have experienced a lot, learned a lot and accomplished a lot. And of course we have always worked on ourselves to improve our services and methods. Now it’s time for us to make the next step and provide external companies with our cross-sector know-how. In March 2010, we were founded within the 3U HOLDING and are thus prepared for new challenges, new clients and new successes. We look forward to it.


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